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Neighbour Garden activity

I have a neighbour, whose garden backs onto the field from which my foxes appear every night. They seem to be travelling through their garden and then popping up out of the hedge and into the field, where I see them. With these neighbours  away for Easter weekend,  I looked after their hens and fed their cat. I had already told them to make sure their hens were away at night, as the foxes were coming through their garden and they said it would be fine for me to put my Bushnells out for a couple of nights to see what was happening there.  They did not know that the foxes were there and that they came quite early!

I set both Bushnells up over 2 nights, in different positions in the garden. As expected, the foxes travel through this garden every night. Their cat is fed in the garden and has a cat flap into their shed. You can see this on the footage. With cat food out every night, obviously the foxes go and check it out to see if there is any left. What was quite funny in the footage is the wide berth that the foxes give this cat. She does actually chase the fox on one of the clips! On another you can just make out the fox coming up to sniff her! I have had one of my cats eating food I have put out for the foxes and the foxes sitting patiently waiting for her to finish before they came in.

I also captured a brief appearance of a hedgehog. Below are a collection of clips. A couple are a bit dark, as I had taped over some IR LEds as it is so powerful, but it means that the close up footage is better, but the IR does not stretch as far.


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