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My Bird Snack Bar makes National Press!!

It has been pretty manic day!

Anyone who follows me on Twitter or follows my blog would know that I have had a rather novel bird feeding station live streaming from both my website and from the CJ Wildlife website. It has been a labour of love and took several months to design, make and bring to fruition.

I have been getting so much great footage from it, that I submitted a selection of images and a video to a press agency… and have been amazed at the response!

Yesterday, I received an email asking me to appear on with a style interview. I videoed the  broadcast on my phone….

I was then contacted by both The Telegraph and The Daily Mail, who both ran the story on their online platforms! Click the image to access the article.

The Metro also ran it on their online platform;

By the evening, my footage was popping up all over the Internet… MSN even turned it into a pretty cool little video! I videoed it on my phone….

By this morning, I had heard that it would appear in both The Telegraph and The Daily Mail and even Sara Cox mentioned it on the Radio 2 Breakfast Show! I was blown away by the interest and my Twitter feed and blog was going crazy. It has even started popping up on Internet sites all over the world!

On the way to Yew View, I stopped to buy the papers. Fantastic to see my images gracing the pages!

This evening, the footage is popping up all over the place!

Just found this on a US_Australian site!

Great that there has been so much interest. Part of the reason I do such projects  is to capture people’s imagination and interest and may be get people, who would not usually watch birds, to start watching them!

A big thank you to CJ Wildlife, my sponsors, who make projects like this possible….. this is only the beginning! Christmas decorations go up in the snack bar at the weekend and then it’s time for Christmas in the Mammal Box… keep logging on to the live streams, available on both my website and on CJ Wildlife’s site.

What a day!!


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