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Muntjac Visitors with Reed Bunting and Tawnies…..

I am always surprised to see Muntjac at Yew View… for two reasons. There are not many obvious laces where they can get in, apart from jumping over gates and fences and also because there are a number of dogs on site. This last week, I got footage of a male and female… the first time I have ever recorded footage of two visiting at once. The male is quite distinctive as he only has one small antler…..

This female was quite intrigued by the camera……

There has been lots of activity on the millet feeder and we have quite a lot of reed bunting visiting, along with a few other finches….

The tawny visits are continuing and the female is still spending most days in the box. Occasionally, they bring prey in. This is often larger prey that they have been unable to eat in one sitting. On this occasion, a bird was brought in… but I’m not sure what species it is..

I rather liked this clip as it puts the setting of this box in context. It is right in the middle of the garden and normal garden activity goes on around this box; dog walking, grass cutting and general gardening activities….

We have also  had lots of wood mouse activity. No voles or shrews this year so far.


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