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May in the WildlifeKate Patch….

I have been working hard in the garden for the last few months, especially on the redevelopment of an area beyond my patio. For over 12 years, I had kept two pygmy goats there, but when they passed away, I re-evaluated the area and realised how much space there was. From clearing it  last year, to finally having it all fenced, clearing and replanting, it is almost finished…. I just need everything to grow now! It has very much been designed with wildlife in mind, particularly insects. Everything I have planted is either nectar rich of has fruits or berries for birds and mammals.

It has transformed from this…


… to this…

and looking toward the house…. from this…


… to this…

Garden May 2016 _-5040_lowRes39

The grass you can see is wild flower turf, that has only been down a few weeks. Already I can see everything establishing and I can’t wait to see it in a month or so’s time…

Garden May 2016 _-4940_lowRes2

The water hole I built out of 4 recycled tyres is now looking a little more established and lots of birds are using it to drink and bathe…

Garden May 2016 _-5036_lowRes37

I am looking forward to sitting on the new patio  in amongst the bees and insects in the wild flower meadow! (Thank you  Martin who did the vast majority of this little patio ‘project’!)

A few more shots from this part of the garden… this lovely metal woodpecker was a Christmas present from my children..

Garden May 2016 _-5028_lowRes32

The garden always looks its best at this time of the year and this morning, with a clear bright start, I took the camera out to capture some shots. I spend as much time as possible out in my garden and I absolutely love it… it brings me much pleasure and the wildlife it attracts never ceases to interest and amaze.

The pond is beginning to disappear within the foliage….

Garden May 2016 _-4988_lowRes19

The building you can see is my WildlifeKate Hub… designed by me and built by Phil Clarke for BBC gardeners’ World Live at the NEC in 2012. I absolutely love it and use it to keep all my wildlife paraphernalia and food inside. I also do a lot of photography from the large window there…

Garden May 2016 _-5020_lowRes30

It has a living roof which is looking wonderful at the moment. It is also a good place to stand on to take photos of the whole garden!

Garden May 2016 _-5004_lowRes25

At the far end of the garden, you can see my other area of wildflower turf.. this is in its third year…

Garden May 2016 _-4999_lowRes24

So much is happening and growing in the garden at this time of the year, it is good sometimes, to stop and record it… by next week, it will have all changed again!

Garden May 2016 _-4972_lowRes13

Garden May 2016 _-4978_lowRes14


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