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Lots of fox activity at Yew View this week…..

Looking through the camera footage this week, at YewView, I have recorded more fox footage than I have in a long time! We usually capture the foxes feeding at the feeding station, then occasionally we see them passing through the other cameras. This week, they have been showing quite a lot of interest in one of the badger setts on site. Sadly, they are looking at the set that does not have internal cameras….

This is the first time I have filmed both dog and vixen… I hope they are thinking of taking up residence, but I wish the’y go in the camera sett!

Last week, I managed to get the otter cam up and running again. I recorded 4 visits this week….

It’s not only otters around this area though. Once again, the foxes were checking this holt out…and it is quite a squeeze!

and this very fat mink seems to think it is taking up residence!

Our tawnies have not changed their habits. The female (I think) is still in the main box every day during daylight hours. I think she has chosen to stay there to ensure the squirrel dos not come in…. it does keep popping in to check and this encounter was pretty cool!

She also brought back another bird this week…. still not sure what species though…

I have hundreds of hours of sleeping tawny during the day, but sometimes she does wake up , stretch and preen a little…

Finally, the muntjac is still around and made a brief appearance as he moved through the garden…

I’m now finalising my otter holt plans….. how wonderful would it be to get a camera inside an otter holt… or even better … an otter, inside a holt with a camera inside!


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