Kingfisher watch, snuggling mice and tawny stump potential…

I was keen to get back this week to see how the Tawny Stump was looking. Even with testing at ground level with lights and the camera, only when it is in place and the wildlife starts interacting with the space, can you really get a feel for how it is all going to work. When I set it all up last week, the daytime image was looking good, although a large contrast between the outside and inside can mean the outside of the box can be ‘burnt out’ during bright days. As the light fades, the image improves as you can then see the branch outside. Bearing in mind that my main subject is nocturnal, the night time image was key. I have internal daylight and IR lights inside this box. Last week showed that the IR did not seem to be working. It was only when I returned this week did I realise that the camera was set on daytime only. This means it was not set to go into night mode. Once the setting were changed, I was relieved to see the night time mage looking good as the daylight faded and we moved onto darkness.


My vision is to be able to capture images of the tawnies entering the box, possibly brining food to hungry chicks! If we have breeding success in this stump, I will also mount a camera on the outside.