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Is this den being used??

A month or so now, I moved one of my cameras so it faced a possible fox den that is in a hedgerow. I placed my Bushnell trophy cam there, but due to the closness of the cam to the den, the images were rather over exposed, so I didn’t publish them. I had captured a couple of stills of a fox passing, but none seemed to be actually coming out or going in the den. I have had the cam on in the evenings, but have only seen a fox passing by.

Today, I was clearing an SD card ready for a new Bushnell project. I always check through the images, just to make sure I have uploaded what I want and I came across this image that I had missed. At a first glance, it does not seem to have captured anything, but on a close look, it is clear that there is a fox coming out of that den!

I will leave the cam there and start monitoring this den again. There are about four holes along this hedgerow, so they could be interlinked. I put the cam on this one as it looked the most well used. I am really hoping that this den might be used for this year’s cubs. We’ll have to keep wait and see…. 


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