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First Fox photos of the year!

This week have given me my first real views of my foxes again! It is SO good to see them ‘in the flesh’ rather than just on the IR camera feed. With the evenings lightening, a couple have started making an appearance just around 8pm. The light is just fading, but with an F2.8 lens on the camera and it on ISO 800, I have managed to get my first shots and I am very excited about them. The fox appearing in these photos is not Fern… I am pretty sure about that. I think it is Tess, from last year’s litter. Anyone who followed me last year would know there was one really tiny cub. I called her ‘Tiny Tess’! She was the prettiest little thing and this looks like a young fox. It must be a female as Flynn would have chased away any male cubs by now. Last night, there were 4 foxes there, so I think there must have been 2 females and one male last year. There was certainly a much bigger cub and this must have been a male. I had called him ‘Bill’. The middle-sized cub (who I had called ‘medium Marvin’) must have also been female.

If you are interested in seeing the footage of these cubs from last year, then check out the fox page on my website…. there are some lovely video shots… they still make me tingle watching them as it was such a special time last year. I am really hoping for some similar experiences this year.

Here are some of the shots taken tonight….. can’t wait for it to get just a little lighter, so I can get a faster shutter speed. She looked at me as she could hear the shutter. She was a little nervous, but I am sure she remembers that sound from last year… I took enough photos of them as they grew up, I sure it is a familiar sound.


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