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Cubs come out late evening!

It has been a lovely evening tonight and at about 8pm, Fern appeared right over the other side of the field with the smallest cub, Tess, I think.  They were quite a way off…. too far really to photograph or film, but I did a little. She sat, very relaxed in the late evening sunshine, with this cub by her side. A little later, one of the larger cubs appeared and the two of them played around for a little while, in and out of the hedge… lovely to watch. I kept the window open, with my camera set up on a bean bag, hoping they might come a littler closer whilst the light was still good enough to film in.  Just as the light began to drop, the largest cub, Bill, appeared at the bottom, left hand edge of the field and came out into the open. It was too dark really to photograph and the photos are really grainy, but I did some video and the shot below is a screen capture from that.

Here some cropped shots from right across the field…. not very good, but gives you a flavour of my evening viewing…. beats TV any night!

I have not uploaded any videos onto my blog  yet…. I have uploaded onto the PC but I am waiting for some new software which should come next week. At the moment, they are too huge to put onto YouTube…. I need to work out how to compress them down to a more manageable size without losing quality. I am really pleased with some of them though! As I write this, Bill has visited the feeding station… along with the hedgehog!


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