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Badgers take a snooze in our sett!

Over the last month or so, the badgers have been showing more interest in our artificial sett and last week, we had the first significant sleep inside the chamber. Two badgers appeared around midnight and entered the chamber…

Badger in sett 2nd Aug_ grooming_00001

On the following evening, at around 1 am, a badger then stayed for nearly an hour and a half. Grooming, scratching and sleeping, this individual looked very comfortable and relaxed in here. We are tentatively keeping our fingers crossed that this behaviour is an indication that some individuals will move in over the winter months.

Following on from last week’s filming of the otters, I was pleased to see, what I think is, the female popping back to check out the holt..

We don’t have many nests left at Yew View now, but the stock doves in our Tawny box are now really close to fledging. They are not the most attractive of chicks, but these two have grown and changed fast. I don;t think they will be around in the nest box next week!

We have had some lovely footage of new families at Yew View this year… and I always feel a little sad when we reach the stage where everything has fledged and we have to wait another year for it all to start again!


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