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Badger Family Bonding

I have been monitoring a badger sett near to me recently and trying out some new trail cams. This sett has produced some good video clips in the past as it is a small sett with just a female and two of this year’s cubs.  When I set up the camera this time, I was looking forward to seeing if this family was still around. The evidence looked good… the entrance looked well worn with fresh evidence of digging.

I left the camera for nearly a week before picking it up. O don’t like visiting sites like this too often. When I do go in, I have the camera ready to go, so it is just a few minutes to set it up. I se the camera low to the ground as I like to try to get quite an intimate view, on a imilar level to the badgers rather than looking down on them.

I was delighted with the clips I captured. These cubs are very playful!

What has been super to see this time, is the male in with this family! I have not filmed him here before. He is broader and bigger than the female, and was very active with the whole family, playing with the cubs and grooming them. They  do a lot of social grooming and anal rubbing… when they cover each other in scent that identifies them all as the same clan. It was so lovey to watch the interaction this male has with the whole family…

I was pleased to capture clips of all 4  badgers together… a picture of family bliss!

I also filmed some hay being brought into the sett…

and the male getting a little amorous!…

I have put a camera back here , to document some more of this lovely family…..


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