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Are the Badgers thinking of moving in?

Last November, we built a rather special badger sett on site at Yew View. You can read more about it HERE.

With HD cameras, INSIDE the chambers, we have been excited to see the badgers regularly checking it out, but rarely staying very long.

We have worked hard to plant up the outside of the sett to create a secluded and  quiet area, where the badgers will feel safe. Looking at it now, with its trees, shrubs, wild flowers and grass, I can hardly believe that this site was a bare area of earth at the end of last year….


This week, we got a first real hint that the badgers ay use the sett eventually. I had placed some hay outside of the sett, in the hope that the visiting individuals might fancy taking some inside. Most visits seem to be from some young individuals and the very thin badger, that could be an elderly individual.

After puling some hay into the chamber, one badger spent several 45 minute sessions sleeping in there. This is the first time we have recorded this!

Two of the youngsters also bought quite a lot of hay into the sett; a really promising sign….

Hay in Sett 1 14th July 2_00000

As you can imagine, we are very excited about these developments and are keeping our fingers crossed that we continue to see activity building over the Autumn. I would love to be able to watch the badgers in the sett over the winter period….. we’ll just have to wait and see!!


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