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Animal update

Hedgehog is visiting every evening now, but with weather not being quite so good the last few nights, I haven’t got out to take any new photos. Bill is generally visiting earlier and coming to the field around 8pm, if I am lucky. The others are still generally appearing later, when it is dark.

Last night, I got some shots of Bill early in the evening. The other cubs came at about 9.30pm, but it was too dark to film or photograph then, but all looked fit and well. They are growing up so fast! Hopefully, in the next few week, I will have the chance to get out and about with my camera a bit more.

Also a big thank you to Rita and Mike, who kindly donated some date expired dog biscuits for my foxes…. sure they won’t mind them not quite being in date! Very gratefully received… feeding an extra four mouths does mean I get through the dog biscuits!

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