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Amazing Kingfisher Morning

I was lucky enough to join a friend  today to photograph kingfishers. It was a 6am start and a stunning morning. The first frost of the winter cloaked the landscape as the sun rose above the horizon and attempted to raise the temperature. The hide was no warmer than the -1 degree temperature that greeted us on our arrival at 7.30am. These cold temperatures soon became irrelevant as we were treated to some stunning views of a young male kingfisher. A number of perches had been placed and he tried out just about all of them, fishing and killing right in front of us! As if this wasn’t enough, I had been loaned a Canon 300mm F2.8 lens, with a 2x converter….. I was in heaven!!!!!! The light levels were pretty low in the morning as the sun had not worked its way around to the perches. My lens would not have been able to cope. I was amazed at the capabilities of the 300mm lens with the converter…. astounding! I took hundreds of images….. here are a few tasters… there will be more to follow!

A special thanks to Ian…. for inviting me along, offering great advice and lending me the lens…. cheers Ian!!!!


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