A Perfect Birthday Treat!

A birthday spent surrounded by tonnes and tonnes of bird food……. heaven!!! Yes, really! Today, I travelled up to Driffield in East Yorkshire to visit the factory where all the Nature’s Feast bird food is produced and packaged and to meet with some of the team. I will be working more with Nature’s Feast in 2012 and they have kindly sponsored my live stream this year.

Have you ever thought about what happens in the background, to get that packet of Nature’s Feast bird food to your bird table? I know I had never considered the procedures and processes  to bring that product to my feathered friends. I was astounded at the factory visit today. I will be doing a more detailed ‘Behind the scenes’ review on my website over the next week or so, but a few facts to keep you going until then:

– They are the largest producer of wild bird food in Europe, producing more than 2,300 tonnes of food per week in the harsh weather last winter!

– The UK’s largest importer of peanuts (even larger than KP nuts!)