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A new nest box goes live!

A few months ago, I put up a new nest box… one which was a little different to anything else I have used before.  It is a box produced by the clever guys at Wildlife Windows, after many years of development. What makes this box special is that it has a high-definition camera inside, combined with an internal lighting system. The key to good cam images is light and this box certainly achieves this!

My blue tits have been a little unsure of the nest box…. well I think it was the protector on the hole, as I had one on a previous box and they would not go near it. As soon as I took it off, they were straight in! Last weekend I took the protector off of this box… and now they are building! Maybe it is just a coincident, but I don’t mind either way, as I have been blown away by the footage I have captured today! 

You can find out all about this nest box and ow it achieves these images by checking out the page on my website HERE.

This nest box will be live streaming on my website so take a look… they have built nearly an entire nest today!


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