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AlfrescoWild Challenge 

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Build a Pitfall trap

This simple-to-build minibeast trap will help you find out what is crawling around in your undergrowth! See if you can build one and then identify the creatures that have fallen into it!


Watch the Challenge video to see what you have to do!

Watch this first video to find out how to make your own Pitfall trap!

You will need:

  • A small container ( eg. jar, tin or pot)

  • A lid (eg. bark, saucer)

  • Some twigs or pebbles

  • A trowel to dig a hole

Watch this video to find out what you might find in your trap!


Check your trap EVERY day to release the creatures.

Identifying your finds

There are some great ID charts online. This one can be downloaded HERE

  • If you decide to have a go at this challenge and make your own Pitfall trap, take some pictures or videos.

  • You can share with WildlifeKate, on the AlfrescoWild FB page, by clicking on the link below. or via Twitter

  • Please check with a parent, if you want to share your project                                                                                   (unless you are an adult of course!!)

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