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Pine Marten ID sheets

I have become increasingly interested in Pine Marten after seeing them appear on two of the camera set-ups I have worked on. Both the Aigas platform and the platform at Hillockhead have been having regular visits from these beautiful mustelids.

Each pine marten has a unique bib pattern under its chin and down its chest. This makes it easy to start recognising individuals. Using trail cameras or wired cameras with recording, like the Birdsy ones I have set up at Aigas and Hillockhead, I was fascinated to try to work out how many different individuals are visiting. As with trail camera footage, stills can be lifted, showing the front bib pattern and side views of each creature. If these are noted, you can get to recognise each individual.

Such data can then be used to track these individuals as they move around the site and appear on different cameras. This could provide interesting data about how far they travel and the extent of their territories.

I wanted a way to keep track of these individuals. I had lifted screenshots but wanted to record everything on a diagram of a pine marten. I couldn't find quite what I wanted, so I decided to create something myself. After attempting some record sheets myself, I decided to call upon the skills of someone who's skills were far superior to mine! Working with Kirsty, known online as 'The Crow Artist' we created this sheet! We can now fill in the bib patterns of individuals and also make any other notes we want to.

Pine Marten ID Sheet.jpg
Pine Marten ID Sheet.jpg

I would like to offer this PDF Pine Marten ID sheet to anyone who would like to use it. 


You can download it from the link below. All I ask is that you share your project with Kirsty and I , as we would love to hear how it is being used and whether it is helpful in your work.  I would love to share your projects  here on my website and social media.


Any suggestions for improvements are also welcome.

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