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Gwyllt Hollow - Sitting Room Nuthatches

I built this nest box to house a small Hikvision dome camera. I used 1/12 doll's house furniture and wallpaper to dress the interior to create a novel scene in which the birds could nest. All the materials used are glued securely and out of the nesting space. The birds are not concerned by these adornments and blue tits have been prospecting the box in the same way that they prospect all my other boxes. The nuthatches that have now taken to the box are used to adapting tree cavities to their own requirements and they are behaving normally in here! It may appear that they are taking a dislike to the internal decorations, but they are adapting it and removing bits in the same way they they would remove raised or sticking-out sections inside a natural nest cavity.


There is a reason behind a box like this. My work in schools and my desire to engage audiences who may not usually watch live camera streams, means that something unusual like this can pull people in to watch. I can use it as a platform to teach them all about the wonders of the wildlife right on our doorstep. They may get hooked on a novel set-up like this and then become interested in the other live cameras that I have. This could, hopefully, lead to a desire to set-up their own nestboxes and to improve habitat for wildlife.

The eggs started hatching on the 13th May.

Updates from the Sitting Room Nest Box

Updates from the - Sitting Room Nest Box

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