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Stow Maries Waterhole Cam

Denis and I built this waterhole at Stow Maries Aerodrome. We used a circular plastic container that we cut down to make it a bit shallower. We then sunk it into the ground and then built up the sides with soil and foraged branches, logs and plants to create a natural look.

This is filmed and live streamed with a Birdsy Cam. Find out more on my Birdsy webpage or using the links below:

Birdsy Website:

This waterhole was built out of a donated plastic container and natural materials from the site. It is on a ridge in between the kestrel next box and the barn owl nesting site. Denis and I built it in just a few hours and within a few days, the kestrel started bathing in there! You can read more about how we created it HERE on my blog post.

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