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Blackbird Nest

This blackbird built a beautiful nest, tucked in the honeysuckle next to my greenhouse! The eggs hatched on the 29th March.

*April 12th UPDATE* The three blackbird chicks fledged successfully and are being fed in my garden

I created this video to show the incredible growth of my trio of chicks.. hatch to fledge in 12 days!

What to watch for.....

Male Blackbird

The male is black, with a bright yellow beak and yellow eye ring. He brings food regularly, but does not sit on the nest.

Female Blackbird

The female is brown and can often be seen on the nest. She will nip out regularly to collect food, but needs to keep the chicks warm until they grow their feathers, so she will spend a lot of time in the nest in the early days.

Blackbird chicks

Watch for changes in the three chicks. They grow really fast!

What food?

Keep an eye out for the different foods that the adults bring to the nest. It is mainly earthworms, but you may spy a couple of other things like spiders, flies and caterpillars

See their story.....