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Christmas Mammal Box

This is a rather special Christmas set-up in my small mammal feeding station. I was approached by BBC The One Show, to create some content for a piece for the show. Along with my German Christmas Market for birds, this camera will live stream up until Boxing Day!  I designed the box with lights and a removable interior, so I can create different scenes inside. The camera inside films all the visitors, who pop in to see what food I have put out for them. I use a Hikvision mini-dome camera in this set-up. I hope you enjoy it as much as the mice, voles and shrews!

What to watch for.....

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Bank Vole

Bank voles can be seen both day and night. If two come in together, watch them have, what looks like, a mini boxing match!

Screenshot 2020-03-19 at 21.29.00.png

Wood Mouse

Wood mice are common visitors, but more often from evening onwards.

Screenshot 2020-05-19 at 13.55.28.png

Common Shrew

Common shrews often pop in for the meal worms I out in here. They also love the suet products!

Screenshot 2020-05-19 at 13.57.07.png

Pygmy Shrew

Smaller, pygmy shrews can also be seen visiting for mealworms, and suet products predominantly.

Video Highlights.....

Behind the scenes....

This year, for The One Show, I designed this set-up to go inside my mammal box. I wanted to create a scene that they would interact with and that could dispense food easily. I came up with the idea of a roof top scene, where the mammals would emerge from a chimney, that was attached to an entrance that they are used to using. I waited, in anticipation, hoping they would do just what I had  hoped and that I would be able to capture the moment where a mouse emerged from a chimney, onto a snowy rooftop.... luckily, they obliged and I got just the shot I was hoping for!

Chimney Mouse 2_converted_00000.jpg

The set was made from a little roof which I covered in brick paper. I built the tiny chimney and lined it up with the entrance hole. I built a shallow tray in the top of the roof line, in which to hide the food. Glueing a model reindeer in, I added some presents and some snow.......