Blue Tit Nest Box

This nest box is mounted on an Oak tree in my garden. It has had blue tits nesting in it for the many years. This is a specially designed nest box, with tiny lights inside which come on in the day and go off at night. There is a Hikvision mini dome camera mounted into the roof of the box. These two blue tits, affectionately named as 'Bob' and 'Belle', have nine eggs. 5 chicks successfully fledged from this box on the 22nd May!

Update 22nd May

I have turned off the internal camera as the chicks have now fledged.

This morning, two of the smallest chicks sadly died. I think dehydration played a large part. The good news is that 5 of the 7 remaining chicks fledged this morning!

I am currently going through the footage to bring you the highlights!