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Hedgerow Blackbird Nest

On the 19th March 2023, I noticed a female blackbird going into the hedgerow outside my office window. I could see she was carrying nesting material. She had almost finished the nest and was starting to line it. When she flew off to collect more materials, I quickly sneaked a camera in. It was easy to hide it amongst the holly. I hope she continues to successfully raise a family here.

What to watch for.....

Male Blackbird

The male is black, with a bright yellow beak and yellow eye ring. He does not help with nest building. He brings food regularly, but does not sit on the nest.

Female Blackbird

The female is brown and quite speckled. She builds the nest, incubates the eggs and then she shares the feeding of the chicks with the male

Blackbird eggs & chicks

Blackbirds usually lay between 3-5 eggs which are incubated for 14 days. The chicks usually fledge after around 14 days.

What food?

Keep an eye out for the different foods that the adults bring to the nest. It is mainly earthworms, but you may spy a couple of other things like spiders, flies and caterpillars

Honeysuckle Blackbirds 2022....

I created this video to show the incredible growth of my trio of chicks.. hatch to fledge in 12 days!

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