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NestEnders 2023

Bark Nest Box

This nest box is mounted on a large oak, facing a field next to my garden. A bespoke build for 2023, I am able to zoom and move the camera around to capture the best of the action.

This is a new box for 2023. I made it to house a Hikvision PTZ camera, so I could move the camera around and zoom in on the nest. The camera is quite bulky, so the box had to be big enough to house it in the roof space, as well as small lights that gently illuminate the space in the day and turn off at night. To make it look a little more natural and to make the space a little smaller, I lined it with bark. Blue tits took up residence, laying only 2 eggs which hatched on the 8th May..

I built this box myself, to house a Hikvision minidome camera. It is lined with bark and I built a platform at the top that can be removed. Underneath is mounted the camera. On top, the electronics needed to run the camera and the lights, which are on a daytime sensor.

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