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AlfrescoWild Challenge 

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The Countryside Code

Take only pictures, leave only footprints

Lots of us are really enjoying visiting the countryside at the moment. Sadly, some people don't know how to behave responsibly and are leaving litter and not taking care of our lovely areas nor respecting the spaces they are spending time in.

This  challenge is all about how we can help others understand how to behave in the countryside in order to look after it, behave sensibly and to leave it as we found it.

What happened to me.....

Watch my two videos. This is what I found when I took my dog on a walk to a lovely area near me that is full of wildlife .

Talk to your teacher, parent or carer about how you think it made me feel.

How would you feel if you found this had happened on your favourite countryside area?

Look at this information about how we should all behave when out in the countryside. 

If you had to tell people about this information, how could you act it out?

The Countryside Code 

Watch this video

Click to download and print this info about the Countryside Code


Litter and Wildlife

Look at these posters and think about how you could tell people about how dangerous litter is to wildlife. May be you could use some of your toys to act out some scenarios.....

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  • If you decide to have a go at this challenge, submit your videos on the AlfrescoWild FB page, by clicking on the link below, or you can email ( it or use WeTransfer

  • Please check with a parent, if you want to share your project                                                                                   (unless you are an adult of course!!)

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