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Group of Green Leaves

AlfrescoWild Challenge 

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Learn about Leaves through Leaf Art

Artemisia Absinthium

Leaves are pretty incredible! They come in all shapes and sizes and colours. They are like factories, using energy from sunlight and chemicals inside the leaf, to create food for the plant.

This art challenge will encourage you to look a

little closer at leaves and find out more about

them, as you do!

Tea Leaves

What do you need?


You will need:

  • A selection of different leaves

  • Some coloured pencils

  • Plain paper

  • Scissors

  • A thin felt pen or biro

Watch this video to see how to create your unique artwork!

What shape leaf is yours?


Have a close look at your leaf and see if you can decide what shape it is, what kid of margin it has and what vein pattern (venation) it has!

You could also label your leaf!


By derivative work: McSush (talk)Leaf_morphology

Leaf ID .jpg

What type of leaf?

What tree or plant does your leaf come from?


You can check online or on this this guide of common leaves from 'Discover the Wild' or download an app to help you with ID. This  iNaturalist 'Seek' App is one of the best and can be used to ID anything in the wild!


  • If you decide to have a go at this challenge and make your own leaf art, take some pictures or videos.

  • You can share with WildlifeKate, on the AlfrescoWild FB page, by clicking on the link below. or via Twitter

  • Please check with a parent, if you want to share your project                                                                                   (unless you are an adult of course!!)

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