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male incubating.PNG

Yew View Sparrow Box

At Yew View, we have lots of house sparrows. They like nesting along the wall of the old barn, in the wild roses and the clematis. Field feeding over the winter has meant a big increase in numbers and we are delighted to support this increase. We have put up a series of sparrow terraces around the site and, this year, I built a purpose-built box, with a small PTZ camera inside. After some issues with power in this part of the site, we are finally able to bring this nest box live for 2024. Surprisingly, this is the first time I have live streamed and filmed a house sparrow nest! When I first put the new box up, they would not go in it. It was quite deep, so I started the nest off for them, creating a cup of dried grass. They then entered the box immediately and added to the nest themselves!

The female is currently incubating. We are unsure as to how many eggs there are as they are very well covered with feathers and other nesting materials.!

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