Yew View

Yew View is a private, 8 acre site in rural Worcestershire that I help manage for wildlife. From habitat creation, to cameras, this private site boasts and incredible diversity of species.  I have installed over 30 cameras and built badgers setts, otter holts and our latest project is a large wildlife pond. BBC Springwatch, Autumnwatch, Midlands Today and Countryfile have filmed here.

It is a both a privilege and a joy to be able to 'work' at such a wonderful site and to undertake some pretty exciting projects!


Tawny owl in one of camera nest boxes.

 Tawny Owls

We have three owl boxes on site. One has been used as a breeding box for the last 3 years. With cameras both inside and outside, we don't miss any of the action!



We have regular visits from badgers, both at our feeding station and in the artificial camera sett that we built.

Axis P3364 Badger Chamber 1  2018-03-29


The Yew View pond has attracted kingfishers, and many other species, to a post on the side of the water.



With the site backing on to the River Severn, we have filmed the otters in an artificial sett on the banks and within an exciting new holt we have built, with cameras inside.

Daylight otter 7th Feb 14_00000.jpg

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