Wren Nest Building

Whilst working in my garden, I noticed this Wren in and out of  a trellis frame right in the middle of a flower bed, next to my path. Despite me being in the garden, it was in and out with leaves. I have a 'mobile' camera that I keep at the ready in case I find anything of interest and it did not take long to mount it on top of a ladder, near this nest. Over the day, I moved the ladder closer. This camera can be zoomed and focused from my PC back in my office, with no disturbance to the Wren. In fact, it is now using the supporting ladder as a convenient perch before coming back into the nest!

The male wren builds a number of nests and then the female will visit these and choose the one she likes best. Let's hope she chooses this one! In the meantime, we can watch him building!

This camera is currently being relocated to a new nest!

After a lull in building, the wren started bringing in moss on 7th May