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Teapot Robin Cam - The Sequel

I mounted this little ceramic teapot nester in the ivy outside my conservatory. It has been there about three years, with nothing taking any interest. In Feb, I noticed that there was moss in there and, on closer examination, realised that there was an almost complete nest in there! I was pretty sure it was a robin and a trail cam confirmed this.  I then set up a camera and gradually moved it closer and closer, ensuring it did not disturb her building. It is a beautiful nest and a lovely image on the camera. 

These robins have been called Rosie and Lee (Rosie Lee is cockney rhyming slang for tea!) They successfully raised one family of 5 from this teapot. Within just a few weeks, Rosie was adding nesting materials and she is now incubating another 4 eggs, whilst Lee is still feeding the last fledglings in the garden. They certainly don't waste any time!

Robin Timeline

07 March_Building Nest_00001.jpg

I noticed that there was a nest being built in the teapot

 Mid March 2021

Robin starts to lay

March 23rd Started incubation

May 2021

Started incubation

Eggs due to hatch

Incubation period is around 13 days. Due to hatch around  5th April.

Due to hatch around  16th May

Eggs hatch

The eggs hatched on 6th April. Both male & feamle will feed the young, with the female brooding in between.


On the 19th & 20th April, all 5 chicks successfully fledged!

February 2021

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