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Vivotek Swallow cam 2017-05-11 13-54-35.

Swallow Nest Cam

This lovely nest is in the old stable block at Yew View. The small hole is where a beam used to run and the swallows often choose this nest space over the preformed nest cups that are also in the stable.  In the last 5 years we have noticed a worrying decline in swallows here.  This year, there are only about 10 individuals which are nesting in 4 different locations on site.  This was the easiest location to get a camera. It can be quite dark in the stable, so the camera may revert to IR, giving a B&W image.

Images from previous nests

Swallow Information

The swallow, or 'barn swallow', is a summer visitor, arriving in April and leaving in October. It builds mud and straw nests on ledges, often in farm buildings and outhouses, or under the eaves of houses. Swallows are widespread and common birds of farmland and open pasture near water. They are agile fliers, feeding on flying insects while on the wing. We hope that all the  habitat work we do at Yew View ensure a continuous supply of insects for them and their broods. We have a series of artificial nest platforms in the outbuildings at Yew View  and these are commonly used, as well as various spaces in the stables.

Breeding usually starts in April or May, but this year, everything is pretty late. They lay 4-5 eggs, which take 17-19 days to incubate.

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