Roamwild Window Feeder

This live camera faces a Roamwild window feeder that I have been trialling for some months now. Many people do not have a large enough garden for feeders  or are worried about larger birds dominating feeding station. I was keen to show people that you can attract wildlife to a window if you had no garden or very limited outdoor space. I wanted to find a window feeder that met all my requirements regarding design, functionality and usability. I have tried lots of different designs and this is the one I like best. It is not the cheapest, but I would rather save up and buy something that lasts and performs well.

Obviously, the success of a window feeder is dependent on the location and proximity to suitable habitat and I will be exploring ways to maximise your chances of such a feeder being used in an upcoming blog, which will be linked here when complete. 

Live camera  (NB:may not work in Chrome)

This is filmed and live streamed with a Birdsy Cam. Find out more on my Birdsy webpage or using the links below:

Birdsy Website:

What to watch for.....

Blue tit

Great tit

Coal tit


I have tried this window feeder in multiple locations with birds visiting every time. It is currently mounted on my conservatory window for ease of camera installation for a live camera. I also have one on my upstairs office window.

Click on the link above to find out more about the RoamWild feeders. If you purchase via this link, I get a small percentage, which goes towards the cost of my bird food and live stream cameras.