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Yew View Updates… Otter Footage & Buzzard Views!

It was about time, I finally got some of our latest footage from YewView online! After a very wet winter and Spring, I finally got our wired camera back down by the river which had been incredibly high for such a long period of time; too high and volatile for me to risk placing the cam there. I finally got it in place for the end of May and was delighted to pick up otter visits straight away by the artificial holt. There is certainly one dog otter, possibly two, which are visiting several times a week and sprainting at the area before moving on…

I was really pleased to then capture this morning visit!

A cormorant also enjoyed the area and was a nice addition to the captures…

The badgers are also coming down to this spot to drink from the river.

This pair of young badgers and an adult are still sporadically using the camera sett chambers and the other artificial sett on site. Good to see them around regularly still….

We haven’t seen much of our successfully fledged owlets, but they have been heard at dusk, so I think they are still dong well and gradually extending their range as they become stronger and more independent. The male (I think) is still using the Owl Mansion sporadically, roosting in there during the day and enjoying the decking! The magpies are not keen on his presence though!

Luckily, whilst I was working on the PC, checking footage, he arrived early evening. I was able to control the PTZ camera and zoom in on him!

Our first brood of swallow chicks have fledged now and we have another nest of 5 doing well. Our swallows usually have two broods…. sometimes three. It is wonderful to see the new youngsters gracing the skies above the site, fine tuning their aerial skills.

Sadly, we have not seen much of our kingfishers, but this buzzard made a brief visit to the post last week. Always lovely to get a close up of these beautiful raptors.


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