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Wow, we have grown!

I have just returned from a week away in wet and windy Cornwall and I have really missed my wildlife watching in the garden. A neighbour put some food out for the foxes (as well as feeding my 4 cats, hens and pygmy goats!!) It was a pleasant sunny evening early on and a cub appeared at about 7pm. At first, I thought it must be Bill….. but I think it is actually the middle sized cub… more nervous, a bit paler and I think it has a slightly more pointed face. These cubs are growing so fast,  it is really difficult to tell them apart when you see them separately. See what you think… here are a couple of shots in the lovely evening sunshine…

Then Fern appeared over the other side of the field, with another cub… this must be Tess…. grown so much, but still the narrow, pointed face and a slightly lighter coat. Her legs also have dark areas, but not black like the other two cubs. There was some tail wagging and greeting and then they both came over to the food I had put out in the lower part of the field…….

She was quite nervous and stayed in the background, with the other cub joining Fern and allowing me to get a couple of shots of them together… you can see how big there are next to Fern. She is looking very thin and still limping on that back hind leg.

finally, Flynn appeared. He too, is looking rather thin and moth eaten! I suppose they have a thin summer coat now and when I look back to the first pictures I took in early Spring, they had a thicker winter coat then. Bringing up these cubs has taken its toll though, but the cubs all look fit and healthy!

Here’s a few shots of Flynn… I wonder how old he is… he looks quite old in these…..

and last of all, another of Marvin, the middle cub, sitting amongst the seed heads of the thistle, that earlier in the days were a popular feeding stop for the goldfinches.


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