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Would YOU like to design the next mammal or bird feeding station?

I am very excited to announce that CJ Wildlife and I are running a competition to design the next WildlifeKate mammal or bird feeding station! The prize is an amazing Wildlife care kit, worth over £250 and the chance to work with us to get your design live streaming on the Internet for all to see!

We would like ideas for a new mammal feeding station set and one for the birds too. You can come up with as many ideas as you want! Get your thinking hat on and creative juices flowing!

If you are in the doll’s house or set-building industry and specialise in making such mini scenes, then I would love to hear from you too. ( I would love to feature any professional sets that people would like to create!

Design a Mammal Box Set


For mammals, it all needs to be able to be housed in my Mammal box. Your ideas need to be able to fit in a rectangle box, around shoe-box size.  You do not actually need to make it but it would be using 1/12 dolls house sized accessories. The ‘Sylvania Families’ toys are about the right size too.

The space is just over 30cm long and just under 20cm wide. The mammals enter via small holes on either side. These are the exact dimensions. You could make a mock-up out of cardboard to create your idea or just draw it on paper! If you can’t draw, then just describe what you would like us to make. You could go online and get some pictures to help us understand your idea!   You also need to think about where we are going to put the food. In my sitting room one, the chimney breast is like a seed hopper with the seed coming out a hole at the fire-place. The bathroom set had the bath and toilet filled with seed!

Design a Bird Feeding Station

5 x LTT at snack Bar_00004

My Bird Snack bar has been tremendously popular… with both the birds and the public!  It’s your chance to come up with some ideas. I need to be able to dispense the food somehow (this one has a tray of seed at the front) and the birds need somewhere to sit or perch to access the seed. Also, think about the camera angle you might want.

For some inspiration, this wonderful advert for Robinson’s Squash made me laugh!

or this great set-up from the ‘Piip’ Show in Norway…

What YOU Need to DO!

Come up with an idea and sketch or describe your ideas. You may want to make a mock-up if you have access to any materials. If you or your children have a doll’s house or Sylvanian families or similar sized toys, you might like to make up a set and photograph it. It’s a great project for kids!!

You then need to email your ideas to: 

The closing date is May 9th 2018

CJWildlife and I will  choose our favourite and will attempt to create it, with the winner’s help. You never know… your creation may feature on the news or the next BBC Springwatch!!

GOOD LUCK and I can’t wait to see your designs!!

Term & Conditions:

Open to all UK residents. Your privacy is respected and your details will only be used for the purpose of administrating this competition and thus will not be used for further marketing or shared or sold to any other companies. Closing date is May 9th 2018. Winners will be notified within 2 weeks of the closing date. The winner will receive a wildlife care kit worth £250. No alternative prize is available and the prize is non-transferable. The winning entry will be considered for production to a working live webcam set, but will be dependent on feasibility and suitability.


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