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Wood Mouse visits hedgecam again!

I nipped up to my office early evening, and a sudden movement caught my eye outside. Sitting in one of the bowls of food on my hedgecam feeder was a beautiful wood mouse. Whiskers twitching and eyes bulging like sections of a blackberry, he was totally captivating! My camera was on the desk, so initially I took a couple through the window. Then, I carefully opened the window and managed a couple more shots. Unfortunately, the hedge has grown up so much in the last week it is somewhat obscuring parts of the feeders. I will need to get up there with the shears tomorrow! Here are a couple of the shots I took… mostly cropped… so I could remove the distracting foliage and edges of the platform on which the feeder sits. I am sure he will be back, so I am going to position it for a better picture tomorrow.

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