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Wonderful otter views and dramatic Eshaness

Another great day weather-wise and , heading along the coast, we kept our eyes out for otter. Shetland has a high density of otters, but with over 1000km of coastline and wonderful habitat, they thrive on the island. The islands are one of the best places to see them, and otters love this salt-water coastal environment and the long hours of summer daylight. Having said that, it takes patience, knowledge and a keen eye to spot them as otters are very shy animals!

We stopped in South Nesting Bay and scanned the coast, as we had in several other bays. Suddenly, a call went up as an otter appeared in sea just beyond the rocks. Standing on the edge of the road, the whole group got excellent views as it dived and came up with food. We moved along, following it as it hunted along the coast. Grabbing my camera, I managed some shots as it came up onto the rocks before returning to the sea.

We all left on a high and headed to Urafirth to take a look at a special plant; the rare oysterplant, so called as its leaves taste of oyster.

This loch edge was covered in flowers, including orchids, sea campion, red campion and thrift....

Heading up to Eshaness, the blue skies and sunshine made this spectacular landscape look all the more incredible. I have been up here in the past, when the wind was so strong the sea spray was coming over the top of these cliffs! Not so on this visit; a strong breeze kept the temperature down, but visibility was amazing...

Great views of terns and ringed plover before heading back to the hotel in Hillswick. What a day of wildlife and landscapes!


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