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Wonderful Minsmere!

Wow! What a place! Minsmere is an amazing reserve…. I just wish I had had more time just to sit in the hides with my binoclars and my camera! Had some great views of Marsh harriers hunting over the reedbeds. Also the beautiful avocets… Minsmere’s most famous and iconic of species. The whole reserve was absolutely brimming with exciting birdlife, but sadly did not see any bearded tits. Although the weather was pretty good, there was a cold wind and apparantly, they do not like too much movement in the reeds and stay low if it is windy. I definitely want to go back and there is some lovely accomodation actually on site.

Still waiting to hear whether we got the job to write the education strategy. Whether I do or not, I will be going back to this very special place.

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