Winter ‘Wonderland’??

With more heavy snowfalls in the Midlands, the area has been swathed in a blanket of white once again.

The wildlife was once more relying on the food and water on offer at my patch! My feeders are constantly buzzing with visitors and they are certainly working their way through my stocks. I also made a batch of fat, filled with fried fruit, chopped apple and seed. This time, I found an old log and then packed it into this. I then screwed it on top of the fence post so birds such as the blackbird could also enjoy it. It has been really popular… the magpies discovered it today and the spotted woodpecker, but the light was quite poor and I didn’t manage a photo. Here are some shots of the birds enjoying the feast…

 There was so much activity, particularly with the tit family and the goldfinches, it is difficult to decide who to photograph and they all flit around so much… here are a few of the shots I took…

and then my favourite visitor at the moment… the bullfinch. I am still getting two males and a female visit just about every day…

I also played around with one of my goldfinch pictures, by desaturating the image and then ‘painting’ back some colour…

The day then ended with a rather beautiful sunset!

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