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Win a Bird Feeding Package!

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

With Autumn rapidly taking hold, my mind turns to my bird feeding stations. Birds are my greatest love and, although I feed the birds all year round, it ramps up as we move into October and I just love seeing how many birds I can attract and support throughout the winter months. I feed in all different areas of the garden, using different feeders, feeding platforms, tables and foods.

You can win this great package by just clicking on one of the links below the image! or by using this link:

My love of photography means that I often look to the feeders and surrounding areas to provide me with photography opportunities too....

Many of my feeding stations can be watched live on my website and feeding stations I have set up around the country offer different locations, meaning different species.

Feeding the birds is a great way to get close to the wildlife in your garden. It is where my love of wildlife first started and I have watched birds in the garden from as long as I can remember! It is a fabulous way to get children learning about our wonderful British wildlife.

When Happy Beaks approached me, offering me a Bird Feeding Bundle for my followers, I was happy to pop it on here. This package includes a good selection of foods and a bird table... perfect to get you going. This package is especially perfect for a new budding birdwatcher!

First, you will have the chance to win this bird table. A great starter bird table, I would give it an extra coat of paint or wood protector to keep it going through all weather. A few hooks for your bird feeders and you'll be set to start attracting some visitors!

You'll need some food and there are three different foods in this prize bundle; peanuts, dried mealworms and sunflower hearts.

Sunflower hearts are my staple food in the garden. The birds absolutely love them and, with the husks removed, they are accessible to all species!

Peanuts are best fed in a peanut feeder, meaning the birds can peck just small bits off. The tits and the woodpecker love them.

Dried mealworms are loved by the robin in particular and the blackbirds are always one of the first species in when these are on offer.

These can all be fed on the bird table, or treat yourself to a peanut feeder and a seed feeder for the sunflower hearts.

To enter the prize draw for this bundle, all you have to do is click on the link at the top of this post and choose an option to register your entry.

Good luck!


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