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WildlifeKate ‘Use & Review’ gets a new website

I love trying out different bits of kit in my patch and I often get asked to trial things. Over the last year or so, these have appeared on my website or on my blog, but I wanted to make it a bit slicker and get all the reviews together. In this way, it is easy to see which kit I have trialled and easy for people to find reviews. Hopefully it will also encourage companies to send me exciting thing to be ‘Used & reviewed’ in a real setting!  I would like to try out the new Canon 600mm lens please!!!

Over the last week, I have built a new website and transferred a number of reviews over and put on some new ones as well. I cannot transfer all the reviews over as it would take me way too long, but hopefully I will be using lots of different bits of kit in the coming year and the website will soon build up.

If you would like me to trial some of your kit, please email me at

There is a link to this site on the front of my main website or simple click the picture below to take a look!

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 21.04.46


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