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WildlifeKate NestEnders Updates and a Tearoom for the Birds!

There is lots of nesting action going on in the garden at the moment and most of it is available to watch, live on my website and on the CJ Wildlife website. CJ sponsor my live streams, which means that I can share them with you and I am most grateful for their continued support.

It has been super to have a camera on a robin nest this year.. the first I have filmed. The adults were following me around the garden today, collecting insects and caterpillars for their hunfry trio of chicks……

The Hub nest box blue tits are all looking healthy. I reckon they will have fledged by next weekend. I have taken a video every day of this family and will combine them all together at the end to show the tremendous speed at which they grow. Take a minute to pop in to look at this camera as there is always something going on and the chicks are now almost fully feathered ….

The roof sitting room box has 6 chicks I think. The nest is so deep, it is difficult to see, At one point, I thought there was only one parent in attendance, but I think both are there, although I am yet to see the two adults together. These chick are a few weeks behind the Hub nest box.

You may have noticed a new camera set up on the live streams. This is the ‘Hedgerow Diner’ and will replace the Bird Snack bar whilst it is updated and removated! This set-up will incorporate a number of different designs, including this tearoom.

The tearoom is a result of a national competition, launched byCJ Wildlife, to design a new mammal or bird feeding station to appear on the live cameras. There were so many wonderful ideas and entries that it was extremely hard to choose. From swimming pool style birdbaths to haunted houses, ice-cream vans to school classrooms, the entries showed huge imagination and flair. When choosing the winner, the design was paramount, but consideration was also given to how the design could be reproduced. The themes of some of these entries may inspire webcam stations in the future.

The winner was Laura Jamieson from Skeld Primary School, in the Shetland Islands! Her wonderful ‘Tearoom’ design captured the imaginations of the judging team and has translated into this  feeding station! I’ve tried to replicate the little tables and table cloths in Laura’s design, along with the teapots.

The school and Laura received lots of CJ Wildlife goodies as a prize for them to use to attract wildlife in their lovely school grounds.

The birds are not very considerate and make a terrible mess! Luckily, I designed this set up so I can slide the whole thing out to clean it and fill it back up. Watch out for some of the other designs I have created for this little feeding station!

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