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WildlifeKate in School….

As well as my 2 days a week teaching job, I also work in different schools on a consultancy basis, as WildlifeKate. I undertake all sorts of roles… sometimes setting up camera systems, sometimes going in as a teacher and taking assemblies , teaching and undertaking wildlife projects.

This week, I spent one day in a large school in Nuneaton, where I set up 4 camera kits… three on bird feeders and one on a new bird table. I also put up a nest box and one of these cams will go in this box in the spring. The school already have a feeding station, so we are hoping it won’t take long for them to discover these new ones…..

I then worked in an infant school where I had done a number of days. This time, I moved the camera out of the nest box (where they had had blue tits nesting) and created a feeding station set -up. I also worked with all the classes, from reception, to Year 2, filling up feeders and making bird feeder garlands.

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A super few days… I love working with kids and inspiring and exciting them about the world of wildlife in their school patch… hopefully it will get them interested enough to start looking to see what they have in their own garden.


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