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WildlifeKate Christmas

Hopefully everyone is recovering from the festivities and enjoying the gifts they received. Of course, my gifts are invariably on a wildlife theme and this year was no exception! Another year’s subscription to BBC Wildlife Magazine is a regular (and best ever) gift as I read this magazine from cover to cover and love the photography too. As part of my subscription, I always get the Wildlife photographer of the Year Portfolio Book, which is a joy to browse and inspire you for the coming year……

My kids brought me The Frozen Planet Book (I bet loads of my followers also received this!) and the photography in this is as spectacular (almost) as the series…. another wildlife title to add to my collection!

My daughter also bought me something that took me right back to being a child… a ‘BIRDMOBILE’ Card sculpture of a lesser spotted woodpecker. I had a number of these hanging in my bedroom when I was young and I happened to see them on the Internet. Pretty old fashioned, I suppose, these come as a flat kit to cut out and make up a 3D model of a bird in flight. There are quite a few in the series, and I am pretty sure I had about 5 of these.

I might have a go at making this tonight and then have a feeling I might want some more…. the small ones are only a couple of pounds each.. and are all life-size. There is an osprey… yes life size and that is £30… a lot of cutting and sticking but would look pretty darn impressive I think. I may settle for the nuthatch, robin, swallow or little owl though. I’ll post a picture of the finished model.

      Anyone who knows me will know I have quite a collection of bird feeders, so to receive one that I haven’t got is quite an achievement. This year, I got an apple /fat ball feeder (I’m sure I will be spearing all sorts on it!) It will be joining the bird feeder medley in my patch…. 

I also have exciting news regarding my Bushnell Trophy Cam. Of course at this time of the year, I could not let the big date slip passes without attempting to capture the ultimate night-time footage…. that of Father Christmas! I had been planning the event for a while and been practising getting the Bushnell set up in just the right place……. hidden in my lounge, facing the Christmas tree, I hoped that I might capture Santa visiting. I was not sure whether his magic powers might mean the Bushnell would not detect him and be triggered. On Christmas morning I was not rushing downstairs to see if I had any presents under the tree… rather to see if I had captured anything! The video below shows what I had captured…. possibly one of my most exciting…..

Watch out for my cat, Mungo, looking rather alarmed at this strange intruder in the house….

Any one who visits my website recently will know that my live streams are down at the moment. I feel rather like someone has removed one of my limbs!!!… I hate them not on my website. They went down on Christmas day and I am working with OuterSight to try to figure out why there seems to be a break in the route to the primary server. Hopefully they will be back online in the next day or so.

Right, I am off to try to create a 3D woodpecker mobile…. watch this space!…..


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