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WildlifeKate 30 Days Wild!

I do 365 Days Wild! Every day, I appreciate something in the natural world. It could be as simple as loving the shape of a leaf or the colour of a flower. It could be the smell of an early morning after rain or the sound of a bird singing. This connection and engagement with nature is an integral part of my life and the Wildlife Trust's '30 Days Wild' is a wonderful way to kick start anyone into this kind of engagement so they, too, can appreciate how good it can make you feel and how good it is for your mental health.

It's really simple to do! Just sign up on the website and download some of the cool activity ideas and charts to help you with your 30 days of 'Random Acts of Wildness', that hopefully will lead you onto turning that into 365!

I will be uploading a series of images depicting my activities throughout June. These will appear on my Twitter feed, Instagram and then at the end of the month, I'll load them all onto a blog post. Please have a go... for one month, really be conscious of what you are doing for yourself and wildlife every day!


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