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What would YOU like in a new Bushnell Trophy Cam?

As you know, I am a very keen user of the Bushnell trophy cams. I have used them in loads of different contexts and have been thrilled with a lot of the footage I have managed to capture. The more you use a bit of kit though… the more you start wishing it would do stuff that it doesn’t do…..

I have been lucky enough to have met some of the team who work for Bushnell UK… Barry Grubb – the UK Key Manager, John Vickers & Stuart Radlett at JJVickers (the UK distributers of Bushnell products) the Laurent and Maxime … the Bushnell guys from the French office and also Darin Stephens (Bushnell Product Manager) from the USA. It was Darin who first sent me the new HD trophy cam to trial and there are plans for me to trial some more new kit next year as well.

Such contacts have meant that I have been able to talk directly with Bushnell about those features that work really well on the trophy cams…. and those that do not work quite so well. Also the more you use a bit of kit, the more you start wanting it to be capable of other things… aspects you would like to change or tweak to make it work better in the environment that you are using it for.

These cams were initially designed to scout for game….. but now they are increasingly being used for a wide range of wildlife contexts.  Programmes such as ‘Lost Land of the Tiger’ was one of the first to show their immense potential in monitoring remote areas and their use has increased greatly over the last year.

I have lots of ideas about how we could create the ‘perfect’ trophy cam for the UK….. but I would love to know what other people think too. I have set up a page on my website, where you can have your say…. let me know what you would like to see.

I will pass all the comments onto the developers in the USA… you never know, our ideas might inform the new generation of trophy cams!


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