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What den are my foxes using now???

I am hoping for snow this winter as I may get some more clues as to which den my foxes are using at the moment. I set off this morning with my Bushnells to set up on a couple of possibilities. I have set them up on two… both looking pretty well used at the moment and both pretty close to my home. In fact, the second one is almost within wiring distance and I already have a camera down there that is not really being used at the moment.

The first one is exiting out onto a field and is just below the hedgeline. It is quite a big hole (although it doesn’t really look it on the photo) There were some rabbit droppings nearby, but it was larger than the average rabbit hole and big enough for fox. A fox aroma in the air made me think it was worth setting up the camera there, but gut reaction is rabbit…

 The second one is tucked up in the hedgerow. It was one I monitored last year, but nothing… worth a try as the ground round it did look worn down. It would be brill if this one is being used as I could get a camera wired to it I think….

I will collect these on Wednesday… fingers crossed one is being used…. 


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