Weekend update

A busy weekend sweeping leaves….. and then sweeping some more leaves! The mouse cam box and the hedgehog box were empty so I re-filled them. I have had a lot of work on for the last few days, with a big photoshoot, so I have not been watching them. I put some mealworms in the hedgehog box, along with the usual peanuts, peanut butter, seeds, apricots etc. I went to cook tea and when I came back, something has been in and eaten most of what I put out… and I missed it! I can only presume it is the hedgehog, although I haven’t seen any for over a week. I will re-stock and then make sure I put i-catcher on next time.

The feeders have been as busy as usual, with the robin now visiting my totem feeder as I have started putting dried mealworms out there. By the time I got a chance to sit down with my camera, the light was quite poor and the following shots were taken on ISO 800 or 1600, so a bit grainy.

This first one, shows him just landing on the edge… he is a little wary at the moment….

I have put some Hawthorn branches out with berries, in the hope of catching some photos on there. The robin landed very briefly on them, just long enough for me to get one shot…. not quite there yet, as I was shooting from too low an angle and thus got some sky in the shot. This would have been a much better shot it I had been a little higher, making all of the background darker….. also, I only just got him all in…

There is another robin that visits… recognisable by what I thought were dark feathers just below his eye. On zooming in on the photo, I actually think it is some kind of lump on his cheek, making the feathers part.  He landed on the platform, but was facing the wrong way for a decent shot…

 The blue tits were around in abundance today and I shot these on a perch I have put near the sunflower hearts…

 The squirrels are still stealing from the sunflower hearts…. this guy spied me as he came across the fence!

 He then just sat on top of the trellis, flicking his tail, watching me……

Finally, one of my favourites… the dunnock…

I have also just had an email from Ricky at Riverside Woodcraft…. my 2 barn owl boxes, kestrel box, little owl and blackbird boxes are all ready…. watch this space for photos next week! This is exciting as my neighbour told me a friend working up at her farm saw three tawnies the other night and has seen a barn owl less than a mile for here!!!

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