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Weekend Update

As I write this post, I am watching the first hedgehog of the year! It has discovered  the stash of peanuts outside of the hedgehog box, so hopefully it will become a regular visitor! It had a munch outside and then has gone into the hedgehog box, where there is some more food. I will move the camera into there in the week, and we should start getting some good views of it. I would imagine it will become a regular visitor now.

The Jackdaws have continued to spend a lot of the time in the nest box. They seem quite tolerant of human activity and let me climb up on to the bank to take some photos, which are uploading on to my Flickr account now. They are lovely to watch. A lot of gently preening taking place today and they seem set on the box now, although they have not brought many materials in.

All of the nest boxes, except the Plum tree one have been very busy today. I have created a range of nesting dispensers and information and photos of these are on my website. Do take a look and have a go at making some for yourself. The great and the blue tits have been using them a lot, but I did not manage to find enough time to sit and try to get some shots. I will do though! They do look funny with huge moustaches of moss or dog hair!

The garden is bursting into life now…. here are a few quick shots from today….

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